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mario andres

Mario Andres

Internet is a huge market. Millions of people are using Internet every day. It's an enormous market which is easily reachable from your desktop PC or your laptop. You can do things right there on your computer which will earn money for you!

The only question is: Do you want to take action and get some of the money? Or you want to continue with low-paid jobs and hard day-to-day work?


I know people are sceptical when it comes to making money on the Internet but this web site is not all about making money. It is about using Internet to run business. It's about providing a value to other people using Internet as a means. Of course the effect of running a business is earning money but only as a reward for providing others with what they need. Just as people provide different services and products in regular "offline" businesses so is an online entrepreneur providing products and services on the Internet. But everything is much cheaper and easier on the net. For this reason not using Internet to make money means missing a wonderful opportunity to achieve what otherwise would be nearly impossible to reach for many of us. Internet offers you to become an owner of a business at minimal or virtually no cost. Just imagine starting any kind of regular "offline" business. How much money would something like that require? I bet you would need a loan and years of your time.

Why not use Internet where everything is much cheaper and easier? Don't get me wrong, to be successful on the Internet does take work and time but it's the fastest and cheapest way to create an income, to earn money and to be successful.

On the following page I'm going to tell you how you can fulfill the needs of the people on the Internet and earn money for the services and products you provide. You'll be surprised to see what kind of simple services and products bring in thousands and even millions to ordinary people.  

Internet business is by far the cheapest business to start on the face of the earth. You can start making money even without a web site. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection. And this is really the truth but many people just don't pay enough attention to the real possibilities of the Internet.

Let's get down to business,

Let me show you an example of the simple product that people might be interested in to buy on the Internet.

Do you remember some time ago when XBOX 360 playing console was released? Everyone wanted to have one! The law of nature says: If you can provide people with what they want then you'll become rich! The best thing is that you can provide all kinds of products that aren't even yours but earn money anyway! You can give people someone else's product they need and earn money. This is called affiliate or associates program. You send visitors to other people's products and you receive a portion of the sales price or a fixed amount of money. Well, at the time the XBOX 360 was released the one who put the XBOX in front of the eyes of the people on the Internet made quite a lot of money. You see, there was then and there still is, an Associate Program at All you had to do was to go to, sign up for their Associate Program for free, then do a bit of advertising and the money would pour in your pockets. You go to Amazon, sign up for their Associate Program choose the product to promote and you can start making some money within minutes. People make a lot of money sending people to Amazon. We’re talking A LOT of money! It's that easy and that's exactly what a friend of mine did!

Here are the numbers:

Amazon was pre-selling XBOX 360 Bundles for $799. They offer a 5%
commissions on all sales you refer.
You decide to sign up with Amazon’s associate program and start sending
visitors to their site.
You make 1 sale and earn 5% of $799, which is roughly $40 – not bad!
2 sales = $80,
5 sales = $200,
10 sales = $400,
100 sales = $4000!

My friend made 30 sales two weeks ago in the span of 10 days. You do the math!

And don't forget that XBOX 360 is just one product. There are millions more..

And let's not forget that Amazon Associates Program is only one among thousands..CAN YOU SEE the opportunity here!!

A year earlier this very dear friend of mine also sold over 40,000 short reports about playing computer games. The price of the report was 10$. Yes, he earned 40,000x10$ = 400,000$. You may think he was a writer or a reporter. No, he was a former marine who decided to give it a try on the Internet.

How was this possible? Let me tell you something. Imagine having any kind of store on the corner in a city. Who will buy in your store? Certainly those who come by and enter the store. Only those who come right to your store and buy something. Now imagine having any kind of a store on the Internet. Who are your potential customers? Your customers are all those people surfing on the net, interested in what you offer no matter where they live. On the Internet it doesn't matter if your customer is living in Perth, Australia or Sao Paolo, Brazil. You can reach anyone right from your home PC and sell anything. Internet is huge, there are millions of people looking for any kind of information, goods and services out there. You would be surprised what kind of simple things people are buying online and giving money for it.

Now YOU MUST BE ASKING yourself why aren't all the people doing Internet business and making millions. Well, because there are so many lies about making money online. People read all kinds of false suggestions and trust wrong people! If you do the wrong things you'll end up wrong! And it will take years! That's what happened to me and that's why I established Mario's Center, to give you step by step what you need to do so you would avoid spending years in trying to guess what the truth is among so many lies! We give you what works right now, you complete the steps we teach you and the money starts coming to your room each and every month!

Mario Andres


"Always bear in mind that your own resolution

to succeed is more important than any one thing."

Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)


  • How to earn money on the Internet no matter where you live
  • How to build you own web site and earn money with it
  • How to earn money with or without web site
  • How to have online business with or without your own product
  • How to make money using youtube
  • How to develop an idea of what to sell
  • Whether you should go for a home market business or worldwide
  • How to accept credit cards on your site
  • How to avoid mistakes that can cost you dearly
  • How to avoid long time development of your business
  • We'll show you where to find free and cheap tools for starting and developing your online empire
  • We'll show you where to find people who'll buy from you
  • How to find out what people are looking for on the net and are willing to pay for
  • How to establish your online business the same way we did
  • How to start with 200$ and make thousands and if you work seriously even millions
  • How to secure money coming in every month
  • In short: How to start using your PC to earn money right from your home!

At this point I must warn you that we only endorse online practices which are completely in accordance with the law and are intended for bona fides actions on the Internet. We feel this must be emphasized in order to avoid questions and requests about questionable ways of earning money.

How do we provide services?

First download our free manual and think about you and the goals you could achieve on the Internet. If you want to make it all happen then just sign up for a membership. Once you sign up you'll be able to communicate with me and my friends and get all the information you need. Remember by downloading our free manual you'll be able to ask me any questions related to starting your online business. You'll get an answer from me personally. The email address you can send your questions to during this period is included within your manual. By using this option you'll be able to establish how serious we are about business.

You can buy all those books and read about Internet and money but reading is simply not enough. Once you start implementing what has been suggested in the book all kinds of minor and major issues will emerge preventing you from making progress.To make sure every step is completed and your web site is up, running smoothly and making money I offer a membership. I'm not selling you a book and then leaving you all alone. I'll be there to show you how to solve all those minor and major issues. 

Do you think that earning money on the Internet and conducting an online business is possible? If Yes than just sign up and start today. The monthly price for step by step guidance and for providing you with tested methods whenever you and your business require those is 150$.

150$ may seem like a very high price but I guarantee you it will be much more expensive buying all the "guru" books, learning all by yourself, buying expensive software and spending months and years trying to do it right. In the end after spending all the time and energy you'll earn only a few bucks or no money at all. I know all this because it's the way I walked myself for a number of years. The truth is very few people actually succeed in making money online because there are so many lies about making money on the Internet and so much problems that respected authors hide from you in ebooks and marketing courses but problems that will arise nevertheless. Our membership may be expensive but it will give you the truth about steps to complete in order to earn money. It will give you the things that really work on the Internet. It will give you support every day.

NO RISK - If you don't like any part of your membership once the first month you paid for has expired you may ask a full refund of the money paid for that month during the period of the next 14 days. Later on you are allowed to quit your membership at any time you want preventing your account to be billed for the next month. Usually it takes only a couple of months untill your business starts earning good money. You can then quit your membership and enjoy running your business and making money. However it would be wise to continue the membership after your business has started to see some money so that it could be developed even more and brought to its maximum. It's up to you to choose.

Sign up for a membership by filling out the form below:

Your Full Name:

Your E-mail:

Your Address:

Zip Code and City:

Your State and/or Country:

If you have any, below you can write comments related to your membership:

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: You will pay through PayPal. PayPal is the world's most secure way to pay. In order to use PayPal you need a credit or a debit card. Once you sign up, you will be taken to the "Welcome To Membership Page". Within a very short period you will receive "Money Request" by PayPal. Once you make the payment, we'll start with building your own sources of online money! Of course, in case you don't like any part of our membership you can quit at any time.You're free to do as you like.

Check the following sites: - The owner of this site earns more than 4,000$ per month and the most interesting thing is that this is a very simple site. This site is successful because it's focused on a specific interest of dog owners - training their dogs. - The owner of this site earns more than 10,000$ per month. He offers plans about woodworking. A simple site with clean design. - This site is worth more than 12,000$. You could own one like this too. - A nice simple site. The owner earns more than 4,000$ per month. - A membership site about gardens and gardening. The owner earns 185,000$ per month. That's more than 2,220,000$ per year.

There are many sites like these on the net and their owners earn money as we speak. I'm telling you this in hope you'll get excited. I'm trying to help you understand the chance here. Please, please at least download our free manual and subscribe to our free newsletter. You can own a profitable web site too.

Anybody can build a profitable web site and with our help the site can be created, launched and making profit very, very soon.

We've been learning and testing Internet back and forth for the last 7 years and this is perhaps the best reason why you should team with us. Why spend months and years trying to learn about making money on the Internet when we can show you everything we learned, tested and used in a matter of weeks.


I'm not talking here about working for someone else and earning money. I'm talking about you starting and running your own business with all the help we can provide and based on years of our Internet tests. It has never been so easy and so cheap to achieve this goal. Internet makes it possible!  


We help those who are just starting the online business as well as those who already have an online business and want to develop it even more.

It's all about how serious you are about using Internet to earn money. It's the greatest opportunity in the history of business. It's really true. Never has been so easy to start a business with so miserable investment. It's a chance for all those whose grandfather and father didn't leave large sums of money. It's a chance they didn't have. There was no Internet back then and every dollar was earned much harder. So get on the train.

If you ever did something all by yourself then you know how long it can take, how many trials and errors it takes to do it right. I've learned and tested for months and years. Now I want to use that knowledge with you to show how powerful it is.

I ask you:

Download our free manual "Internet and Business" about 10 tactics you can use to earn money with your PC and Internet.

Get THIS MANUAL for free in 10 sec

Read this manual and see what options of online business are best for you. It may be more than one. If you like what you can do for you and your family with your PC all you have to do is to take action in order to make it all happen.

We offer you a help with all we know so you could start and run your online empire as easy, as cheap and as soon as possible, without all the mistakes 99% of online entrepreneurs make. This is how you'll be ahead of all the others.

Sign up as our member. I'm not gonna walk you around: The monthly price of a membership is 150$. I hope 150$ will ensure that only people who are serious about the intention of having a web site and making money online enlist in a membership plan.You'll see how valuable this membership is when you face a problem that will emerge in this way or another once your site has been published. You'll have an answer to your problem waiting for you without losing hours of your time searching for a solution and not finding the way how to move forward.

You'll be getting a sincere help and manuals and ebooks and tools until your problem is solved without any further expense.

What will be in it for you?

By signing up as a member you'll have an exclusive step by step guidance all the way to establishing a profitable internet business. It's almost like taking you by the hand and giving you a business. You'll have the right to ask us any questions about your web site, Internet and whatever you may find a problem at any given moment. And you'll always get an answer as soon as possible which will make you start earning money on the net as painless as possible.

I hope you understand how valuable it is to have a mentor and a companion along the way in order to build a serious business. All other sites offer you to buy all kinds of books which would supposedly teach you how to make money on the Internet but after you buy the book you're all alone. Whenever you face the wall you have no one to turn to and you can go no further. That is why we decided not to sell you the book and say bye bye till the next year. We'll be on your disposal to answer what ever you need. As a member you gain a friend, a consultant and advisor, someone you can send a request and get a help immediately.

Of course you can also gather all the books and tips and software and begin all on your own but there is a reason why there aren't so many people who became rich on the Internet. It's because majority of people try to be smart and do all by themselves. This may be a good way to go for those very skillful and smart and those who have months and years to test every single method until they find the right ones but guess what? There is only a very small number of individuals capable and persistent enough who achieve success this way. It's a long, expensive and troublesome road. Very arduous and sweaty journey.

Save your money and nerves. Save your time and energy and join a membership. You can always quit if you don't find it very helpful and useful.

You can see what others have said

about MariosCenter


But please be serious about making money on the Internet. It takes us a lot of effort to know all the secrets of the Internet and to provide the best help to our customers. The last thing we want is to waste our time and yours too.

If you really want to own your online business and be an online businessman and of course make a lot of money, we're here to guide you. If you really want to work for yourself and earn money to provide more to the ones you love, we'll give you the tool and knowledge. If you give it a try you'll see how cheap and easy it is.

Anyway if you're not sure about becoming a member please, please at least download our free report and see for yourself what the ways you can use your PC and Internet to make money from your home are. By downloading our report you'll you get the right to send me a question and to receive an answer about anything that you need to start your own business. With the answers you get from me you will be able to start your business right away and to make money. So read the report, see what type of earning money suits you the best and then ask us whatever you want about online business. The email address you can send your questions to during this period is included within your manual. We'll help you. Get this manual. It will make your life more interesting.

If you believe that making money on the Internet is possible and want to get going sign up immediately for your membership and let's start with the business for you right now.

MIC Membership includes:

  • access to our private member area where you'll find organized information about all the tools and know-how you need for developing an Internet business
  • very valuable ebooks and reports for free. In order to avoid misleading you with unnecessary information we'll send you only those ebooks and reports that you really need depending on what kind of online business you choose to conduct. This way you'll avoid a serious problem, you'll avoid being bombarded with huge amount of information that only takes your time and distracts you from your main goal. Ebooks based on years of Internet experience which will show you everything you need to know to build your business fast. For example reports on avoiding competition, deciding on what to sell, creating web site, creating traffic, establishing payment service on your web site and much much more
  • every week you'll get free newsletter about the recent Internet tactics
  • and the most valuable of all - you'll get the right to directly work with me and my friends which became real Internet experts in the last couple of years. You'll get the exclusive right to send emails with your business critical questions directly to me and you'll get the answers with the solution from me personally. You'll get the real things that work. This way you'll work directly with us and we know how things on the net are. No more endless reading. You'll be taking action. It's almost like taking you by the hand and showing you step by step what you need to do!
  • If any of the tools or information you need is not already included in Private Member Area, by becoming a member you'll be able to ask us what you need and we'll show you what tool is the best and where to look.
  • eventually you may just get a new rich life

I'm giving you my word: I'll be there to help you with every step you take!

In the end an interesting story about the 75yrs old man who made money on the Internet...

Well there was this 75 years old Walter Swann from Arizona. A few years ago he wrote a book about growing up in Arizona with his brother Henry. He called his book "Me and Henry." No publisher wanted to publish it and no book store would buy it. So he took the things in his own hands and opened his own book store. And his store was selling only one book. Yes the store offered only one book to buy and it was "Me and Henry." He sold thousands of "Me and Henry" books world wide. And was making thousands of dollars a month from this one simple idea. In fact, business has been so good that he has written another book. This one is called, "Me and Mamma." Can you see the point here? Whoever you might be you have a value, a value which may earn you enough money for the rest of your life.

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Thank you for your time

Mario Andres

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